Project Description


“e-kakashi” is AI-powered IoT solution supports agriculture scientifically, provided by SoftBank Corp.

Not only visualizing a large amount of cultivation and environmental data acquired on the field, but also “e-kakashi” navigates you to creating the optimal environment, finding out about risks and dealing with them.

The environmental data acquired at fields such as temperature, humidity, amount of solar radiation, CO2 and etc. are sent to the cloud. An AI then analyses the accumulated data and automatically provides users with information relating to cultivation, such as optimal harvesting times and the occurrence of risks such as agricultural pests via smartphones, tablet devices, and/or PC.

In addition, an electronic manual “ek-recipe” can be created by combining collected data and cultivation know-how. This will help share know-how and improve the skills of farmers.

Case Study: “e-kakashi” in Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture
Use of agricultural IoT solution “e-kakashi” for strawberry cultivation, and efficient transmission of cultivation know-how to newcomers by expert farmers. Sales increased by 800,000 yen (approximately 8,000 USD) per 0.1 hectare, on average.


e-kakashi Customer Support Center

  • +81-90-6657-6136
  • Tokyo Shiodome Building | 1-9-1, Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan