Project Description


T-NET’s broadcasting solution team has been working on hybrid broadcasting and data services for many years. Not only in Japan but many other global markets in ASIA, South America, Africa.
With its solution, TV-Stations can generate new revenue sources as well as pretty much better services for their audience. It will be from advanced emergency disaster information provisions with which help audience save their lives to new types of revenue generating services like target-ads and so on.
IIJ is one of biggest prominent network and cloud providers is offering datacasting “hybrid broadcasting & data” oriented cloud-based VoD, Datacasting CDN services with datacasting traffic over multi-100Gbps day by day.
Here at SET eXPerience exhibition, we T-Net & IIJ get together to present sophisticated hybrid datacasting service models, especially in an emergency disaster information dissemination for the coming Next-gen era.
TV-broadcasting stations can move ahead offering new services to their audience.

This video-demo shows you our next generation web and TV Datacasting Contents & Datacasting CMS.
By taking advantage of our Datacasting CMS, TV-Stations can easily integrate Datacasting emergency disaster
information dissemination with existing broadcasting TV over NextGen TV platform environment.
Key points you will find out are, as follows;
1. Easy content creation.
2. Intuitive system management and integration.
3. No-hassles with the existing broadcasting operation workflow.




Yoshimitsu Tsurimaki
Producer / Overseas Business Development Section
Business Solution Dept 2, System Solution Division

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Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

Fumitaka Watanabe
Lead Engineer Service System Development for xSP Operations Section
Application Service Department Network Cloud Division

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