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At Pebble, we understand that efficiency, reliability and sustainability are vital for playout operations, and we know that interoperability with multiple vendors, standards and technologies is key. As a world leader in automation, integrated, IP and virtualised playout technology, with systems installed in more than 70 countries worldwide and over 1500 channels played out under Pebble automation control, we have the people, the process, and the technology that the broadcast market needs as it changes and adapts to compete with new entrants in the video media space.

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From self-contained playout in a box solutions and the widely installed Integrated Channel devices to the multichannel capabilities of our enterprise Automation solution, Pebble is dedicated to the simplification of channel management and to maximising efficiency and reliability. Core to the automation range is the ability to control and interface to a wide variety of third-party technologies. The company can be genuinely agnostic concerning third-party devices, supporting the largest possible range of products, and offering the optimum solution for all broadcasters.

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