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HAPSMobile Inc.

Today‘s challenge will be tomorrow’s normal

In our daily life, we tend to take the connectivity for granted.
We can use smartphones almost everywhere / anytime without any stress.

However, the number of people without Internet access is said tobe 3.7 billion, which is nearly a half of the worldʼs population.

HAPSMobile will establish new infrastructure to create a society where people and things are connected around the world.

HAPSMobile will lead the Information Revolution.

We will continue to pioneer the future by providing reliable connectivity.

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Our stratosphere-based communication platform uses an unmanned aircraft system
“Sunglider” which continuously flies in the stratosphere as a base station and
delivers connectivity directly to mobile devices on the ground.
It is also a sustainable solution as Sunglider can fly solely on solar energy
with its highly efficient solar panels.

Weather is mild throughout the year in the stratosphere with little change in wind speed,
which allows Sunglider to fly with stability.

Name: Sunglider
Wingspan:78 meters
Speed:110 km/h
Duration: Several months
Battery: High energy density Lithium ion



Sunglider construction was completed in April 2019.


Name:SungliderWingspan:78 meters
Cruise Speed:110 km/h
Flight Duration:Several months
Battery:High energy density Lithium ion


Developed payload together with Loon in February 2020

This payload will be mounted on Sunglider and act as a base station floating in the stratosphere.
At Spaceport America in New Mexico on September 21 MT, the test marked the world’s first successful delivery of LTE connectivity from a fixed-wing HAPS autonomous aircraft in the stratosphere.
Using MIMO technology, the payload enabled LTE connectivity  to be delivered continuously for approximately 15 hours during Sunglider’s test flight.

Stratospheric Test Flight

Sunglider successfully reached an altitude of 62,500 feet (19 km) in a test flight at Spaceport America in New Mexico on September 21, 2020 (MT).
The test flight lasted a total of 20 hours and 16 minutes, of which 5 hours and 38 minutes were spent in the stratosphere.
Sunglider also demonstrated its high performance under extremely harsh conditions, with winds of more than 58 knots (about 30 meters per second) and temperatures  that dropped to minus 73 degrees Celsius.


In 2015, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, which are a collection of 17 global goals to create a prosperous and vibrant future, and it aims to meet them by 2030 through a range of global-scale initiatives.
HAPSMobile aims to realize a society where people all over the world can live happy, fulfilling lives by realizing a connected society and bridging the digital divide.
As a member of the global community, HAPSMobile will contribute to achievement of SDGs by taking initiatives to resolve social issues through the HAPS (High Altitude Platform Station) business.

HAPS Alliance

HAPSMobile founded the HAPS Alliance with Loon.
The HAPS Alliance will encourage and foster a HAPS market ecosystem with various telecom and aerospace companies.


  • Form cooperative structures across industry borders
  • Accelerate HAPS technologies and businesses
  • Secure safety and establish systems
  • Aggregate the voices of the HAPS industry

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Shintaro Tokimura

Yuki Tachibana