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ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses) is a Standards Development Organization (SDO) in radio communications and broadcasting in Japan, having about 200 members in broadcasting, telecom, manufacturing and other business fields.

DiBEG (Digital Broadcasting Experts Group) is a group of experts in digital terrestrial broadcasting, under the organization of ARIB, promoting ISDB-T worldwide, extending technical support and cooperation to those ISDB-T adopting countries through technical seminars, international conferences, technical demonstrations, etc.

  This time ARIB/DiBEG is showing Emergency Warning Broadcast System (EWBS) as one of the key technical features of ISDB-T to minimize damage and influence by natural disasters such as tsunami, flooding, volcanic eruption, etc. through this special feature of services.

  Model projects have been implemented in some of the ISDB-T adopting countries in Latin America, expected to be further expanded nationwide for better service to the security of the people in public.

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Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB)

Mr. Seiji Sakuma