Project Description


Since its founding in 1915, Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC) has responded to the diverse needs of customers by providing products and systems that utilize wireless technology.
Recently, the global community has been grappling with a variety of increasingly serious problems on a worldwide scale, including extreme variability in climate, global warming due to rising CO2 emissions, and expanding social welfare expenses caused by aging societies. Meanwhile, rapid changes in information technology (IT) have led us into a period of major changes that have an impact on a range of aspects, including industrial structure and business models.
Currently, the JRC Group is supporting data sensing and information transmission performed via the Internet of Things (IoT) by strategically expanding the already wide range of applications for wireless technology. Furthermore, we are striving to create value using the data we have gleaned using the latest information technology.
The ability to solve problems using technology is coded into the DNA of the JRC Group. Moving forward, we will continue to do our part to facilitate the resolution of societal issues and provide value to our customers in accordance with our management philosophy: “We, JRC Group shall deliver excellent value and contribute to a bright future for people, society and the world through wisdom and creativity.”
We humbly request your continued input and support as we move forward.



Kazuhito Madono