Project Description


Embratel is one of the most innovative companies in Brazil. Acts as integrator of IT and Telecom services and in the development, implementation and management of solutions as Cloud Computing, Data Center, Security, IoT, Professional Services, Connectivity and Collaboration, Omnichannel, Robotic Process Automation, video, mobile and fixed corporate telephony, national and international long distance. Embratel is recognized for delivering excellent services with a focus on customer experience, with high-level infrastructure and technology integrated to the largest and best telecommunications network in Latin America.

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Descubra como proteger a sua empresa das ameaças cibernéticas!

Você vai encontrar no material informações sobre as principais soluções que podem proteger a sua empresa de ataques cibernéticos, principalmente neste momento de migração para home office, tais como:

  • Managed Security Services (MSS);
  • Anti-DDoS;
  • VPNaaS;
  • Análise de Vulnerabilidade e Teste de Invasão;
  • E muito mais!